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You don’t need to worry about skyrocketing energy costs when your home has solar power panels because solar panels help keep energy costs consistent over time. They’re a long-term investment that is more affordable than you might think with SunTek Solar Energy. We’re a solar panel installation company that will keep your budget in mind, offer different financing plans, and provide a $500 install rebate. Additionally, you may be eligible for federal tax credits when you get a solar panel installation for your Benton, Arkansas, home.

Solar Panel System Solutions

Our goal is to provide energy solutions to everyone, so we offer a variety of products from reliable manufacturers including Q Cells, ZNShine, Phono, Jinko, Silfab, Enphase, SolArk, ASP, and SolarEdge. Whatever the manufacturer, we provide a 10-year labor warranty and 25-year production warranties on solar panels and parts. Our products include:

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Grid-tied solar systems are a popular choice for homeowners getting solar panel installations because you can sell 80% of your power surplus to energy companies and they can provide energy to your home when your panels don’t collect enough.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

You don’t need a grid to enjoy solar power when you have an off-grid solar system. Your home can enjoy energy independence and not be affected by massive power outages.

Ground-Mounted Solar Systems

Your grid-tied and off-grid solar systems come in ground-mounted options. This allows us to strategically place your solar panels where your property gets the most sunshine.

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