Beautiful home with solar panels on the roofExpert Installations for Grid-Tied Solar Panel Systems for Central Arkansas Homes

SunTek Solar Energy is the local solar company you can count on for grid-tied solar panel systems. We’re based in Royal, AR, so our team is conveniently located to serve Central Arkansas residents. You can expect high-quality products and services from our specially trained, local team.

What Is a Grid-Tied Solar System?

Complete grid-tied solar systems are often more affordable and reliable than self-contained systems. That’s because a grid collects and shares solar energy from panels at different homes and locations. Energy companies can buy energy you don’t use and provide energy for your home on days when your panels don’t collect enough.

What Are the Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation?

An increasing number of homeowners are considering solar panel systems as energy costs climb higher. A solar tie-in grid system is a great way to help keep your energy costs consistent over time, plus they are eco-friendly by not wasting water, requiring fossil fuels, or creating carbon emissions and other problematic gases. You might also be eligible for federal tax credits for going solar.

Why Choose SunTek Solar Energy?

SunTek Solar Energy is a local Central Arkansas company that provides top-tier service for grid-tied solar panel systems. We do that with a professional team that’s punctual for appointments, meticulous with installations, mindful of your landscaping, and thorough when cleaning up afterward. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for a grid-tied solar system or off-grid system if you live rurally.