Two installers carrying a solar panel

Maximize Central Arkansas Sunshine With Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Whether you want to expand your current solar setup or are new to residential solar energy, SunTek Solar Energy can help with ground-mounted solar panels. Located in Royal, AR, our team is available to serve homeowners based in Central Arkansas. We take pride in offering top-tier services and durable products.

The Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Systems

Ground-mounted solar systems are the same as rooftop solar panels except they are on the ground. They can be attached to a tiltable metal frame or pole. Homeowners often choose ground-mounted solar panels if their roof isn’t positioned to receive much sunlight. A ground-mounted solar system can be strategically placed for optimal sunshine. Additionally, homeowners choose ground-mounted solar panels because of:

  • Space – Roofs have a limited amount of space for solar panels, which is problematic for homes that use more energy.
  • Convenient maintenance – You don’t have to climb onto your roof to work on a ground-mounted solar system.
  • Aesthetics – Some people prefer the look of a roof without solar panels.

Why Solar Energy Is a Great Choice

Is it worth getting solar panels in the first place? Yes! Solar energy is one of the Earth’s most abundant resources of clean, renewable energy. Unlike other energy sources, solar energy doesn’t waste water, require fossil fuels, or create carbon emissions. Plus, making use of solar energy in your home can help keep your energy costs consistent over time.

Schedule a Consultation for Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Choose a brighter tomorrow with SunTek Solar Energy. We go the extra mile for Central Arkansas residents with a skilled team that’s reliably professional, punctual, thorough, and tidy. Contact SunTek Solar Energy today to get a free quote for a ground-mounted solar system.