Image of a home with solar panels on the roofBringing Natural Energy to Central Arkansas Homes With Off-Grid Solar System Installations

Enjoy energy independence with an off-grid solar system installed by SunTek Solar Energy, a local company based in Royal, AR, that serves residents throughout Central Arkansas. Our team provides top-quality solar panel products and services.

What Are Off-Grid Solar Power Systems?

A complete off-grid solar power system is a solar panel that does not give energy to or receive energy from a grid. Instead, your extra solar energy is stored in batteries to be saved for when the sun isn’t shining. This is a great option for rural homes that don’t have easy access to a grid and for homeowners who don’t want their home’s power to be affected by an outage.

Why Should You Get a Solar Panel Installation?

As energy costs have climbed higher, more Central Arkansas residents have gotten off-grid solar panels. An off-grid solar system can help maintain consistent energy costs over time and potentially give you federal tax credits for going solar. Additionally, off-grid solar power systems are eco-friendly because they don’t waste water, require fossil fuels, or create carbon emissions or other problematic gases.

What if My Roof Doesn’t Get Much Sunlight?

The most important factor in having successful off-grid solar panels is ensuring that they get enough sunshine. If your home is not facing the right direction for maximum sunlight, SunTek Solar Energy can install a ground mount in a more optimal location.

Why Should You Choose SunTek Solar Energy?

SunTek Solar Energy goes above and beyond to provide the best service with an expert team that’s always professional, punctual, meticulous, and tidy. We’re ready to serve Central Arkansas residents, so contact us today to get started with your off-grid solar system installation.