Image of sunset and solar panels on a roofCommon Questions About the Benefits of Solar Panels

Choosing whether you should get solar panels for your home or not is a big decision. Many homeowners want to understand the benefits of solar panels and if they are a wise choice. SunTek Solar Energy is a veteran in the exterior home remodeling industry and is familiar with the most common questions homeowners ask about solar panels. Below we have answered some questions you might be wondering.

Are Solar Panels a Good Investment?

To know if solar panels are an optimal financial investment, you should consider why solar panels are good and think about the costs. When evaluating the costs, you should keep in mind that:

  • You may be eligible for generous tax incentives and credits for going solar.
  • SunTek Solar Energy offers free quotes, financing options, a $500 installation rebate, and warranties.
  • Grid-tied solar systems allow you to sell a portion of your energy.
  • Solar panels keep your energy bills consistent, which is beneficial at a time when energy bills are on the rise.

How Much Do Solar Panels Save on Electricity Bills?

Energy costs have grown and will continue to rise. You can stop your energy bills from increasing by getting solar panels because they keep your energy bills consistent over time. Energy companies will even buy back 80% of the energy that you don’t use.

Are Solar Panels Good for the Environment?

Yes! Sunshine is one of the Earth’s most abundant natural energy sources. It’s a clean, renewable way to power your home that doesn’t require wasting water, creating carbon emissions and other problematic gases, or damaging the environment with harmful fossil fuel mining. Enjoy a zero-emissions household that’s kind to the environment and doesn’t disrupt the climate. Additionally, when you buy solar panels through SunTek Solar Energy, you are supporting a company that donates to ecological charities.

Do Solar Panels Prevent Power Outages?

That depends on the type of solar energy system you have. If you have an off-grid solar system, you won’t be impacted by power outages your neighbors face. If you have a grid-tied solar system, your solar power will shut off when the main grid fails. This is an unavoidable safety measure, but you can be proactive and avoid losing power by having a power backup system. We install generators that are great as power backup systems because they convert a fuel source like propane into energy for your home.

Can Anyone Install Solar Panels?

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of solar panels, you need a solar contractor who is certified, insured, and bonded. SunTek Solar Energy meets all three of these requirements, plus we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our products and workmanship are always high-quality, and you can count on our technicians to leave your home better than you left it. They are mindful of your landscaping as they perform installations.

SunTek Solar Energy is your local one-stop shop for solar power, so contact us today to learn more about our services and special discounts for veterans, seniors, and first responders.