Avoid Outages with a Power Backup System for Your Home in Conway, AR

Unforeseen power outages can be inconvenient and even pose safety risks. When you want to safeguard your home and family from these unexpected situations, turn to SunTek Solar Energy. We install reliable power backup for homes across Conway, Arkansas, and neighboring areas. With our home power backup solutions, you can enjoy uninterrupted power even when your neighbors are in the dark.

Get a Backup Power Supply for Your Home from One of Our Dependable Brands

When it comes to power backup for homes, SunTek Solar Energy exclusively installs reputable brands like Generac® and KOHLER®. Products from these companies are designed to withstand severe weather while offering a convenient and dependable source of power during an outage. We also offer a range of options for power backup for homes, whether you want to keep all the lights on for days or simply power the essentials.

We Offer Expert Technicians and Seamless Installations

Choosing SunTek Solar Energy also means experience. We offer a team of technicians who will handle the installation with precision. When the power goes out, you can rest easy your emergency backup power for your home will be ready for action.

Be Prepared With a Backup Power Supply

Don’t let power outages make life difficult. Turn to SunTek Solar Energy for help. We’ll take the time to learn about your needs and budget, and then recommend the right-fit power backup for your home.

With backup power in place, you’ll be well-prepared to face any adverse weather in the Conway, AR, area, and the unforeseen outages that often come with it. Contact us today to get started!