Local Solar Panel Installation Company Serving Little Rock, AR

Unfortunately, energy prices are only going up. You can avoid an increase in your energy bill by getting a solar panel installation from SunTek Solar Energy, a local solar panel installation company serving the solar needs of Little Rock, Arkansas, residents. Our team offers grid-tied, off-grid, and ground-mounted solar systems.

Affordable Grid-Tied Solar System

Grid-tied solar power panels are our most popular product. It’s an affordable option that allows you to sell your surplus energy to energy companies. You can count on these companies to buy back 80% of what you don’t use for the rest of your life, plus they can provide power for your home when your solar panels don’t produce enough energy.

Independent Off-Grid Solar System

If you want true energy independence, an off-grid solar panel installation is a good choice. When there’s a massive power outage, your home won’t be affected since it’s not connected to the grid. This is an ideal option for those who live rurally.

Convenient Ground-Mounted Solar System

Grid-tied and off-grid panels are usually installed on a home’s roof. But sometimes, this isn’t ideal especially if your roof is shaded or doesn’t face the sun. That’s why we offer ground-mounted versions of grid-tied and off-grid panels. Instead of installing your panels on your roof, we install them on the ground where they will receive optimal sunshine. Ground-mounted panels are easier to maintain since a ladder isn’t needed to reach them.

Free Solar Panel Installation Quotes

Our trained solar panel installers can provide whatever kind of solar panel installation you want for your home. Contact SunTek Solar Energy today to schedule a free consultation at your Little Rock, AR, home.