Beautiful home with solar panels on the roofProfessional Solar Panel Company Offering Services to Cabot, AR, Residents

SunTek Solar Energy is a certified, insured, and bonded solar panel company that installs residential solar panels and related products. By partnering with us, you can ensure that your Cabot, Arkansas, home is making the most of the sun’s rays.

Solar Panels for Homes and More

Our solar panel company installs top-rated solar panels and related products. You can expect our highly trained team to expertly install:

Grid-Tied Solar Panel Systems

With a grid-tied solar panel system, you can sell your power surplus to energy companies and receive power from them when you need more.

Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems

Enjoy true energy independence with an off-grid solar panel system. If there are massive power outages, your home will not be affected.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Systems

Solar panels are not limited to rooftops. If there is more sunshine elsewhere on your property, we can install a ground-mounted solar panel system.

Power Storage Systems

You can always have energy on hand by storing your extra energy in a power storage system.

Power Backup Systems

If the grid or your system fails, a power backup generator system can keep your home powered with a fuel source like propane.

Asphalt and Metal Roofs

A high-quality rooftop solar panel installation requires a roof in good shape, so we offer expert asphalt and metal roofing services.

Professional Solar Panel Company

Contact SunTek Solar Energy today to learn more about our products or schedule a free consultation at your Cabot, AK, home.