Excellent Solar Panel Installations Performed for Cabot, AR, Residents

Get your emissions down to zero with a solar panel installation from SunTek Solar Energy, a local solar panel installer offering professional services to Cabot, Arkansas, homeowners. Not only are solar panels eco-friendly, but they also keep you from suffering from inflating energy costs and provide the potential for earning federal tax credits.

Top Products for Solar Panel Installations

The perfect solar panel can reliably provide power to your home and be durable against the elements. Our solar power panels perform well because we source our products from dependable manufacturers such as Q Cells, ZNShine, Phono, Jinko, Silfab, Enphase, SolArk, ASP, and SolarEdge. Our solar panel selection includes:

Grid-Tied Panels

This cost-effective solar panel is connected to the electricity grid, so you can sell your surplus power to energy companies. You can count on energy companies to buy back 80% of your unused power for the rest of your life, plus they can supply power for your home when your grid-tied solar panels don’t provide enough energy.

Off-Grid Panels

This is a self-reliant energy system that is not connected to the grid. Off-grid panels are an especially great option for homeowners who live rurally and don’t have access to the grid. Additionally, when there are massive power outages, your home won’t be affected.

Ground-Mounted Panels

Roofs are not always the best location for a solar panel. This is true if you don’t like the appearance of solar panels on your roof or if your roof doesn’t get much sunlight. We can alleviate this problem with ground-mounted solar panels.

Partner With Our Solar Panel Installation Company

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