Turn to Our Solar Panel Company for a Range of Solutions in Sheridan, AR

At SunTek Solar Energy, we offer solar, made simple. We are the premier solar panel company serving homeowners in the Sheridan, Arkansas, area. Our team provides top-rated solar panel systems and precision installation, ensuring you can “go solar” to meet your energy needs more efficiently and sustainably.

Take Advantage of Top-Rated Grid-Tied Solar Panels

With a grid-tied solar panel system, our company will connect your panels to the grid. You can then collect and share solar energy, allowing your local utility company to buy any surplus. When your panels don’t provide your home with enough power, your home will be powered by energy from the grid. Over time, this keeps your energy costs lower.

Enjoy Energy Independence With an Off-Grid Solar System

With an off-grid system from our solar panel company, your residential solar panels are not connected to the grid. Instead, excess solar energy is stored in batteries for use when the sun isn’t shining. For rural homes, these solar panels are ideal when there’s no easy access to the grid or when homeowners want to ensure uninterrupted power during outages.

Get Ground-Mounted Solar Panels for Sale

For homeowners in Sheridan, AR, who have limited rooftop space or roofs that don’t get enough sunlight, our ground-mounted solar panels are an excellent choice. These panels are attached to a tiltable metal frame or pole that’s placed strategically to maximize sunshine exposure. This system also keeps your home’s exterior structure free from panels.

Gain Peace of Mind With Power Storage and Backup Systems

Not only do we install solar panels in Sheridan, AR, but we also offer solutions for power backup systems and power storage systems. You’ll have all the power you need when there’s an outage, so you can still run your essential appliances and devices.

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